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Some moments from thee Red Cadillacs history archives are captured in this selection of photos below...

Suzhou Hoi Polloi relaxing in the Cadillac Lounge at Q's Club Bar with live music by Red Cadillacs (2009)

                                                                                Slim Sim (Lead Guitar, harmonica and vocals) in 2009

The Red Cadillacs from left... Slim Sim (Lead Guitar), Jimmy Dash (Vocals), Mike Swenson (Drums), Eric Waters (Bass Guitar)

Woodie Wu (Guitar, Harp)  Jimmy Dash (Vocals)    Aaron Kraft (Bass Guitar)   Sal Javelina (Drums)      Our Bookworm Venue

Above (from left to right);
Jimmy Dash, David Ramsay Smith, Martha Launay, Daniel Tibbs and Dave Paul Matthews 2013.04.07

Above: at UNDA Lounge (from left to right); Dave Paul Matthews, Jimmy Dash, Daniel Tibbs and Martha Launay... 2013.01.18

Guest Artist: Brooke Palmer

A frequent guest with Boxty Rebellion, Red Cadillacs and the Dash Band, singer and ukelele player Brooke Palmer is a solo artist in her own right with a repertoire of American southern music and gospel styled tunes.

From North Carolina, Brooke has performed both solo and with several bands including performances in Shanghai from 2011 to 2012. Playing at venues such as Wooden Box Cafe, Southern Belle and O'Malley's, Brooke has been a popular performer with audiences.

Both thoughtful and introspective as an artist, she is outgoing and spontaneous in conversation; both sides of her character evidencing the art of fully embracing life.

With a strong and impassioned voice, Brooke has always managed to identify, locate and share the common ground between traditional modes and contemporary themes, making a special connection with her audience.

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